Saturday, 25 February 2017

A second walk even more in the black

After having our breakfast we decided the time had come to visit the top of the block to see what had happened up there.

As we went up we couldn't avoid the sight of our good neighbour's and friends house in a twisted heap. I'm not putting anything more about that.

Soon after we moved here I found a stump with roots attached that looked very like a Baobab tree from East Africa.  They are known as Upside-down trees, so I planted it that way.  Here it is, very happy in its position!
 RFS were here .
 This is our top dam with many less brambles than there were 10 days ago.
 There are still a few left unfortunately and I'm sure they will regrow, but we will deal with that when it happens.  Blackberry jam is nice but these weeds need stomping more seriously than I have been able to do in the past.
A little later Wildcare provided us with a bit more hay for roo feed which I have put up near the dam so the roos which come to drink can find it.
 There was also some pellets which the roos should find palatable.
There were no roos in the area when I dropping the fodder off, biut a small flock of Australian Wood Ducks were walking around on the dam wall.

On our secondary creek we have been expecting this tree to get washed into the creek by the next flood for 10 years.  Having its roots burnt may be what finally gets it.
Right back near our house was another example of "Why didn't that burn?".
Frances and her sister painted these poles several years ago and they aren't even scorched.

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Mary Chamie said...

I remember when you posted earlier about Frances painting these posts. How interesting and amusing to see them still standing, all by themselves, surrounded by the burn. It does make you wonder.
Just read through your last three posts and am impressed with all the progress. So glad that help is quickly on the way. Here is hoping that your your utilities are soon fully back in order, the water is running, and you can sleep peacefully at home again.
So sorry to learn what happened to your neighbor's house.
We just had a big fire near our place on the sland, and are fascinated watching the way in which the plants return to the scene. In our case, the ferns arrived very quickly and have already created a bright green floor under the burned forests.
Stay safe, and keep on blogging.