Saturday, 25 February 2017

A short walk in the light black

I hope John Schumann won't mind me adapting his alternate song title.  Apart from anything else some elements of the lyrics to "I was only nineteen" are pretty appropriate.

What I am basically on about is our first walk with Tammy through the fire affected Whiskers Creek Rd and Widgiewa Rd area this morning.

When we got to the Creek Tammy's nose started twitching violently.  On going to check we found this sad sight.
As it seemed to have potential to block the culvert (if it ever rains again) on returning from our walk I donned gloves and a face mask  and removed the corpse.

All our gates are decorated with tapes showing that the various emergency services have entered to check things. Well done those folk.
 The line of light dots here is a Wildcare (well done those folk as well) fodder drop for the animals.
They have put a few bales on our place which will hopefully assist survival of a few 'roos.

On our first return to the area we were struck by the way the guideposts beside the road had melted.  This is a fairly mild example.
All the really droopy ones have been removed and replaced by nice new ones.  Well done whoever did that (QPRC?).
With all the vegetation removed it is apparent how much infrastructure was lurking behind it.  In this case we have a nice new Telstra junction (I call them daleks as I don't know the technical name) with the old cover - well tesselated - in the foreground.
 Here is a teenage (half way between new and old) dalek.
 And here is a Telstra techie on the job before 8am on a Saturday morning.  Well done indeed!
They get a special thank you as our landline and ADSL are back in business so I am no longer relying on my mobile phone reception and download limit!

A nice new power pole.  Apparently they only lost 8 poles in the whole area, which I find astonishing.
Finally a view across the Plain to the hills on Carwoola Station.  The area on the hills in the mid-ground had been specifically set aside as native habitat.  Now its been burnt.
As well as seeing how the recovery was going this gave a chance for chats with a few more neighbours, who seemed to be in about the same state as ourselves. We'll get there.

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