Tuesday, 8 November 2016


As the the temperature has finally started to approach temperate I thought that the sun orchids on our block may deign to reveal themselves around lunch time today.  So I set off.

Following the example of most other orchids the Thelymitra sp have popped up all over the place.  Herewith some photos hopefully with rationale for the species identifications attached (I'm reasonably confident I have got the genus correct, unless someone has gone and changed that while I wasn't looking).

Thelymitra pauciflora: largely on the basis of the rather dense tuft and the gentler curve of the column.
Thelymitra peniculata: relatively sparse tuft, the column seemed to curve abruptly and the leave base was noticeably red.
 I am calling this Thelymitra alpina.  This is mainly because of its size and lack of spots.  Hopefully the photos which follow will either support that or enable an alternative ID.
It is a big plant: my finger is there for scale.  The flower stem was well over 50cm tall.
 Here is the leaf, which I thought quite long.
 A front view of a flower.
 Side view of a flower.
If it helps ID one of the flowers was still open at 1730.

This is not an orchid!  Its a Wahlenbergia, and from its tiny size I will say W. gracilis.
 A bigger "bluebell".  W. stricta I think
 Clematis sp.
 Sometimes the small bluebells need a red ring for emphasis.  The Common Blue-tongued lizard was a bonus.
 It was pretty laid back about being photographed.  I didn't use zoom for this shot!
 As this grasshopper was coopertive I added its portrait.

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