Sunday, 27 November 2016

Rail trail evening

Some local residents have formed a group to turn the abandoned Bungendore to Captains Flat railway line into a 32km rail trail primarily for use by cyclists and walkers.

On 26 November they held a fundraising dinner/concert at Mulloon Creek Natural Farms a few kilometres East  of Bungendore.

I'll note that I have used yellow blobs to obfuscate faces in the images below: the group wasn't invaded by a Moonies convention).

There were several cars lined up when we got there (and a lot more when left) including this vehicle which I thought was a well kept up Valiant.  Then one of us looked more closely at the badege and realised it was a Roller.
This raised two thoughts in my mind:

  • a tale from the 1960s when RR dropped running boards and got a letter from an Australian pastoralist asking "Where do I tie the dead sheep?"; and
  • was Arthur Daley present?  Actually this was unlikely as George Cole died a while back.

Even in the absence of Arthur (and Terry McCann) the venue was excellent.

Here is the queue for dinner.  An excellent repast, catered by a business from Braidwood
This is the salad table.  Nicely cooked pork and beef roasts were also provided.
The owner of the property spoke briefly about the work of Mulloon Creek Natural Farms and the Mulloon Institute - both of which sounded highly admirable.
The warm up band was the J Waygood Band who played a wide range of material and did a find job of it.  We felt a tad sorry for them as most people were still outside while they did their work.
The main attraction was Luke O'Shea, a Golden Guitar winner.  As would be expected he was a country singer with most of his songs relating to his childhood and travels around the country.
Interestingly his attendance was arranged by one of the Rail-Trail Committee having put in a winning bid at a silent auction with the item being a performance by Luke at a venue to be nominated.  She thought he was surpised to find the venue was 300km from Sydney but it didn't deter him!

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