Thursday, 24 November 2016

The (re)birth of the cool

One of the sayings about Victorian weather is "4 seasons in a day."   From my view that was the case on 23 November. Unfortunately all four seasons were Winter.   I am advised that statement makes no sense,  

So here are some facts:  After 34C on Monday we had no more than 15C on Wednesday.  Thus a better interpretation of them is that were  a Rural setting so things move a little slower than in a big city (or Melbourne) and thus it takes a week to get through all four seasons.  More commentary on the weather will come at the end of this post.

Getting back to the timeline of the 23rd, it was pretty dreary when we set off for the dog-walk.
This pedal-kayak fisherperson appeared well attired for the day. 
 After the dampish walk we scaled the mountain of Karbeethong Avenue to hear a strange sound behind us.  Never let it be said East Gippsland Shire isn't aware of what ratepayers really want.
Well swept streets must be at at least 11th priority on the top 10 items.  Especially when its micturating down.  I might be understating things there as it came past again on the 24th!

Mum Red Wattlebird was on the job of keeping the chicks dry(ish) and warm.
 I haven't photographed a Silver Gull for some time, and thi one displayed its red bits rather well.
While looking at a fledgling Masked Lapwing, and not having my phone adapter set up, this Eastern Yellow Robin came by and posed well enough to get a snap with just the phone.
 A Wonga Pigeon.
 As I was beginning to get Cabin Fever I went to the Powerlines track in the afternoon where the orchids were all finished but there was still quite a lot in flower.  I could readily identify Xanthorrhea resinifera ...
 .. and thought it deserved this closer, albeit somewhat phallic shot.
 The next few need some ID work which will occur in the next few days.  In the meantime, just enjoy.

Just before dark it was still pretty murky looking across the Inlet.  Thoughts of Brigadoon kept occurring 
After having trouble keeping any bedclothes on on Monday night, on Wednesday night I had two blankets over me.  It seemed to drizzle most of the night giving a total of 28mm in the Nylex for the event. 

We fiddled around a bit as it was still showery.  This gave me a chance to snap a Little Wattlebird in the raindrop-ridden Callistemeon outside the kitchen window.
We then set off on the traditional last-day dog walk to the Park boundary and then up to the start of Karbeethong Avenue.  Coming back down the road it was a bit warmer and the sky was blue, providing a pleasant backdrop to a (cultivated) Gymea Lily.
 By the time we'd packed the car it was raining again (another Victorian weather saying is "Don't like our weather?  Wait 5 minutes and it'll be different.")  However off we went and paused briefly to snap this friendly State Forest sign.  They are so much more sociable that the ideologues of the Sparks and Wildfires Service.
 Leptospermum was flowering vigorously along Imlay Rd, where the temperature hovered around 13oC.
Frances thought it might stay that high at Nimmitabel (at 1100m) but I thought it might drop to 10oC.  In fact it was down to 11oC.  We got a nice view of the Main Range covered in snow - much more than I had seen when flying down to Melbourne 3 weeks ago - from just outside Nimmitabel and again at Cooma.  

The last bit was gradually warming, getting to 20oC by te time we got home..

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