Rather pleasant Thursday

This is of course the day before Good Friday.  Lets hope I can keep the trend going until Absolutely Fabulous Monday!

We have descended the globe a tad, and travelled against the spin of the Earth, getting to Mallacoota.  We came by way of Eden to pick up some stuff from Eden Smokehouse.  The weather wasn't great as we drove down as shown by the raindrops on the windscreen as we approached Nimmitabel.
Getting to the descent of Brown Mountain we were looking to a very slow trip with this truck doing about 15kph.  However he was just about rubbing the Armco to let people by and it wasn't too bad.
As we had left Canberra we were astonished at the amount of traffic coming towards us.  As Frances commented, there aren't that many people who live in Cooma.  Things calmed down a bit as we cut across to Woolumla but once on the Princes Highway streams of traffic appeared.  This van has a few fellow travellers behind it but a truck had about 30 (and counting) vehicles behind it.
The house is being painted by a professional.  He wasn't around when we arrived (painters don't work in the rain) but he'd erected enough scaffolding to make the place attractive to fans of the Eiffel (or come to that Blackpool) Tower.
I was pleased to see 3 White-headed Pigeons in a tree below the house.  They are quite new arrivals in the area and at least one of these is an immature.  Later in the afternoon 7 of them, with 4 immatures, were on the powerlines.
 We went for a walk towards town and were pleased to see the Royal Spoonbills in their usual sopt.
A rather grumpy looking White-faced Heron was overlooking them.
 As we had driven down there was a lot of Angophora costata in flower.  Looking across the inlet there were many flowering trees evident across the Inlet which I thought would lead to a great out-flight of fruit bats in the evening.  The trees are marked with a red dot in the image below.
 As darkness approached no flying mammals were evident and on approaching the roost they all seemed to be hanging around still.
As I was looking around in the tree tops I noticed a big lump.
Looking at the photograph closely I am pretty sure a joey is involved in this pic as well as the adult.

Bird of the day was a group of Crested Shrike-tits in a eucalypr in the house next door.


Plodder said…
Looks like Koalimoto, the bat ringing humped back Koala.

Flabmeister said…
Thanks Plodder. Are you related to any of Enid Blyton's characters?


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