Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Lithgow Pt1

We decided that we needed to get away while the weather was OK and Lithgow and surrounds made a nice three day trip.

The route was basically home to Goulburn to Oberon to Lithgow.  It was all bitumen but the stretch from Taralga  to Oberon (about 100km) was rather average.  The drop in and out of the Abercrombie River was very steep and twisty, not aided by meeting a big truck that needed all the road to make it round a bend. An entertainment was the number of motorcyclists who passed us.  We then realised it was the same three motorcyclists - one had a distinctive number plate - who kept taking less efficient routes!

We made it to our camp at Lake Lyell, set up the camper and went for a look around the town.

This insect was very colourful with iridescent blue wings.  Pity it didn't come out in the snap!
Main Street in Lithgow has been preserved rather well.  The shops are modern stuff but the architecture shows the heritage.
This is the visitors centre.  The 'tower' is a representation of a miners lamp, reflecting the towns history in coal mining.
 A well executed set of murals cover the history of the town.

 This is the top of the front of the old Theatre.  We'd welcome any suggestions as to the meaning of the various symbols!
 There are a number of War memorials in the town.  We first saw the gate at the Public School ...
 ... and then the main Cenotaph in Queen Elizabeth Park.
This very large entity expressed  displeasure as we passed.  My guess is that it was annoyed at not getting a lead role in the Hound of the Baskervilles..
 Here we have a statue honouring Marjorie Jackson-Nelson, aka 'The Lithgow Flash' who won everything in womens sprinting in the early 1950s.
We then visited the Walls of Hassan - nmaed by an early Governor due its perceived resemblance to an area in India where he he had done military things.  Here are  some images.

 Mention was made of Indigenous Rock Art: I don't think this is what the writers of the official stuff had in mind.
 Here is Lake Lyell.
The problem is that it is a recreation area and the Lake is open to water skiing, a pointless and noisy activity that attracts bogans like maggots grow on long dead road.  Hopefully they will all shut up and go away soon.  A very optimistic comment: they got as drunk as skunks making a ruckus until 2am.  As there were 10 of them and they didn't respond well to a polite request to keep the noise down we just had to tolerate it.   We won't be staying the planned second night.

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