Saturday, 5 March 2016

February Weather report

Some months ago I looked at a long range rainfall report which prophesied a long, hot and dry Summer.  The matter of dry took a bit of a beating in January but was back in full swing in February.  As was "Hot".  (Of course, as this is a Leap Year February was also "Long".)


We got a good set of rainy days early in the month and then nothing.  The Creek stopped running on 11 February.  Here is the chart showing precipitation below 2015 and very much below average.  Basically a dry month. 


The core graph shows daily ranges and change through the day.
The low temperature for the month was 6.6oC and only 6 days had minima below 10oC.  The maximum for the month was 37.1 oC and 13 maxima were above 30oC.  The average maximum was ~1.4oC above the 4 year average while the average minimum was ~0.2 below average.  Basically a hot month.


As might be expected from a low rainfall month Humidty was quite low.
I take 40%rH as being a 'fair level of humidity.  In February 17 days were lower than that at 3pm.
This chart shows the average humidity to be well down on both the longer-term average and the same month in 2015.  You should excuse the repetition, but basically a dry month.


The readings for this month are a bit strange as several days have a maximum of 14.5kph.  Possibly this is something to do with the amount of cobwebs that build up on the weather station?
Looking at the month overall the average gust for the month was above the value for last year, but slightly below the average of the last three years.

Overall Summary

A hot dry month.

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