Sunday, 6 March 2016

Picking up

Unfortunately this does not refer to an improvement in the weather (nor anything else) but rather the Carwoola Community's efforts towards Clean Up Australia Day 2016.

The President of the Association had offered an exhortation to people to get into this activity and they responded well with some 36 troops getting boots on the ground on the day.  I did the dog walk before registering so as I drove to the Hall a team was already active on the hill up Captains Flat Rd away from its bridge over the (not very) troubled waters of Whiskers Creek
They had obviously been finding plenty of stuff to clean up!
With extra help a couple of the areas that usually generate a lot of rubbish for me had already been done.  Thus my personal haul was down on the past.  I was using different sized bags this year and reckon I got about 1.5 standard bags of recyclables and 1 bag of non-recyclables.  Most of the usual suspects head-up my Hall of Shame:

  • Recyclables: Beer bottles (Carlton Dry the winner) Beer cans (VB), Coke cans - Pepsi just isn't popular out here.
  • Non-recyclables: Paper coffee cups and other semi-dissolved packaging from the Golden Arches. (Apparently other burger chains dominate closer to Queanbeyan - they must offer smaller serves.)
There seemed to be many less  "Energy Drink" cans this year.  As the number of cars dragging trail bikes down the road is the same I presume the occupants are using other stimulants to fry their brains.

My most surprising find was a broken car battery.  Did it just fall off someone's load to the tip or did it fail in the car and the owner was so ticked off they just hurled it?

In terms of naff advertising this won the prize.

I would agree that Biltong is traditional, but in South Africa not Australia.  If they wish to flaunt their Australian beef creds why not call it jerky?  Of course they could cut to the chase and call it inedible!

Here was the heap awaiting the Council (Queanbeyan of course, not Palerang) truck to come and pick it up.
I came across this former Blotched Blue-tongued Lizard.  However the ants seemed to be doing a good job of recycling it so I left it in situ.
The next photo is pathetic but is included as proof that I saw Daviesia mimosoides in flower, about 5 months out of season.  I must check the specimens on our block.
Climate change anyone?


HHWT said...

My unusual finds were a drink bottle 'bong' and a nearly new red toothbrush. It was an unusually good turnout - well done Carwoola folks!

Flabmeister said...

Thanks HHWT! Your comment about the smoking implement causes me to recall that I got more cigarette packets than I have had for a couple of years. Also some of the cancer-stick fans had been kind enough to butt them out in soda bottles thus requiring remedial action to make them recyclable.