Monday, 11 January 2016

More from the birdbath

The weather has been rather arid recently, with only a couple of showery spells since mid-November.  There have also been a few hot days.  This means our dam is getting a bit low and the Creek hasn't run since 23 November.  Probably as a result of this our birdbath has been getting a lot of action.

The previous set of snaps are here.   A more recent collection now follows.

Although this fantail looks a bit tan-coloured it is nowhere near the colour of a Rufous Fantail.  It's just a juvenile Grey Fantial.
 Another juvenile bird.  In this case a White-browed Scrubwren.
Young birds are everywhere: from the rufous tinge to the damp flight feathers I think this is an immature, rather than female, Rufous Whistler.
 An Eastern Yellow Robin peers down at a Grey Fantail.
 This repeated species is justified under the spiffy image rule.
 An Eastern Spinebill peers hard at something or another.
Remember the spiffy image rule?  Spinebills are always spiffy, but rarely obliging enough to pose for two snaps!
Just to confuse things, here is an immature Eastern Spinebill.
There seems to be a family of Spinebills around at the moment, with the young birds emitting a pitiful squeak, while they are quite capable of feeding themselves.  Rather than Dependent Young they should really be labelled "Indolent Young".  EBird resolves this by having a less value-ridden term "Recently Fledged Young".

A bunch of soggy Striated Thornbills.
A couple of days later we were graced with a New Holland Honeyeater.
Superb Fairy-wrens were hunting in a pack.

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