January 2016 in the garden

This post will be a spot to record things that I find interesting, but not worth a post of their own.

I will start with marsupials.  We have been rather short of rain recently - my entry for understatement of the year.  However we have been able to keep the lawn sort of green, which has meant visits by quite a few kangaroos: the average size of them is getting quite large, which leads me to wonder if the small ones - eg last year's joeys - are missing out on what food is around and croaking in the bush.  More surprisingly, we have disturbed a wombat on the lawn the last couple of evenings.  They are always around, but generally don't appear on the lawn in the early evening.

In the vegetable garden we have been maintaining the beer traps around our cucurbits.  When the traps were checked recently there was a good collection of invertebrates including several large black beetles.  I am reasonably sure they are Scarabs they were still alive so hopefully will have been able to carry on their work from the compost heap where I put them.
 This one decided to take a dive in transit and thus gave a good display of iridescence.
In Frances potting shed our Staphelia grandiflora are flowering
When they are this pretty ....
.. the question could be asked why are they kept out in Frances potting shed?  The answer is that they are the most fetid plants I have come across.  In plain words, they stink!  Fortunately there is no app to generate stinks so I am unable to share this fragrance with you!

This is a still life Frances composed including some spuds detected in one of our patches where the plant had given up the battle.


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