Happy New Year

As it is now 2016, except for some websites that think US Eastern time is the only one that matters, I thought I would do a welcome to the year post, covering several of the things that I usually burble about.

These two images were actually taken back in the depths of 2015 (2100Hrs on 31/12).  They are of a Peron's Tree Frog hunting on a flyscreen.
When looked at as a larger image small green highlights are visible on the back and a surprisingly bright yellow and black patter is visible behind the thigh.  Also this shows the cross-shaped iris fairly well.
I swung by Kellys Swamp to see what it offered for Bird of the Day.  The actual answer was Latham's Snipe, as they are likely to nick off back to Japan soonish, but I didn't get to snap that bird heading off at Warp Factor 7.  Instead here are some Pink-eared Ducks (you might be able to pick out the pink ear) ....
 .. and a Darter.
Back at the ranch this curious Lepidopterid was on a daisy.  I have sought advice on its ID.  (I think its a butterfly, rather than a moth.)  My broad identification has been confirmed by a butterfly expert: it is a White-banded Grass-dart (Taractrocera papyria) rated as "generally uncommon" in Butterflies of Australia.
 We have some pretty flowers.  A Pelargonium.
 A hollyhock has flowered!
After the GGD (Great Glyphosate Disaster) of last year we are getting some nice flowers from the survivors.  Here are some examples.


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