Friday, 1 January 2016

December updates

Happy New Year!
May you all achieve this level of relaxation throughout the year!
I will add a plug in here for "Birdland" a collection of incredible photographs of birds by Leila Jeffreys.  Not only are the photos brilliant but the text is extremely interesting, both the introduction by Sarah Engledow (discussing the images as portraits) and the notes about each bird by the artist.

This blog

  • I have added a little to the fiction review covering a second book by Betty Webb.
  • More lily pictures have been took.
  • Since my post in November I have been untroubled by any contact with Australia Post.  They have been contacted again.  The last message was sent to the wrong area for resolution!  An expedited solution has been requested.  There might be another post on this one!
  • The lemur question from our last visit to the zoo has been solved.
Sometimes the dog is more active:
She bailed out before the pusher started to move.

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