Monday, 30 November 2015

Plants around the house

Some of these are growing in containers, which is I believe the current term for avoiding ambiguity regarding some plants which might generate a "substance".

The catalyst for this was Frances spotting the flower on a bromeliad.  It is now on the deck, after a Winter in the potting shed.
I am intrigued by the Zygocactus flowering now.  It was called Christmas Cactus when I grew cacti as a kid in the UK so why is it flowering now in Australia?
This is a small succulent of which I have no idea of the name!
These globe artichokes are really hitting their straps.  My guess is they are now about 1.6m high.  They are in the vegetable garden but we don't eat them - too fiddly.
Watsonia - I shall try to get a better focussed picture later!
Whatever the weather has been up to, it - and possibly a severe pruning - seems to have been to the liking of the floribunda rose.
A white Cistius grows in an obscure part of the garden.
After some years of trying we are finally getting a good showing of acanthus flowers outside the sun-room.
There are also some native species giving a good showing at the moment..  I can only ID them to genus.  I'll begin with Melaleuca.
A Leptospermum with relatively small flowers
A mint-bush, Prostanthera.
I'm pretty sure this is an Olearia and it is the first time I have noticed it flowering - it must have been there for all the time we have.

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