Sunday, 1 November 2015

October updates

A night-time snap of the Yellow Box in our lawn - now about 30m high!

This Blog

The big 2!  On 14 October my Blogger page-view counter ticked over to 200,000.  How exciting.  (I no longer count site views, as the counter I used for that gave up the struggle.)
  • Some later bulbs have got a photo or two (and a slight change of post title).
  • Quite a few more miscellaneous snaps have been published.
  • Irises added to as they flowered.  IMHO there are some really spiffy flowers in there.  Even my poor photography gets good results.
  • Reptiles have continued to be photographed.
  • We wanted to get our mail held so I tried to apply on-line, which worked last time.  This time the Australia Post system refused to accept either my drivers license or passport numbers.  Just said it doesn't match.  I rang their help line and was told it was a technical issue so would have to be passed to their technical team.  See this for a view on their technical team.

Other Blogs

I was very amused by the penguins at the Zoo on a visit with Arabella. Their polite behaviour was fun ...
.. their less polite behaviour even more fun.
As two pairs where behaving in this Fred Nile disapproved manner they could be looking at a population explosion!

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