Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Frogmouths on National Donkey Day

Some friends came round to photograph the Frogmouths today and I found them (the froggies, not the friends) in good positions so took a couple more snaps myself.

Lets start with Dad and the chicks in Fleur de Frogmouth pose.
Mum was a few metres away roosting in an elm.  She was a tad curious at what the human were up to but didn't seem unduly fussed.
It being Melbourne Cup Day (which with my more than jaundiced view of the least useful activity of our society, I refer to as Donkey Day) it was OK to plant tomatoes, since they shouldn't get whupped by a frost.  We made it so.

Rather than watch the Dobbins do their stuff we put in some more useful time by taking Arabella to the Zoo.  Here she is on her favourite part of the place, the Koala Car.  The rare Tamarind in the background was not much of an attraction for her.
We wondered where the tiger was.  It turned out she was dodging back and forth in the upper part of her enclosure giving opportunities for good photo on a phone.

 One of the 'meet the animals' activities seems to be to meet a Barking Owl.  You might be able to see the stout gauntlet being worn by the meeting person.
I really rate Otters as one of my favourite animals.  One day I must get to see one in the wild.  These two did a fair job of playing substitute!

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sue catmint said...

great pic of the face of the frogmouth. Good idea to go to zoo today - I manage to ignore the Cup too.