Friday, 6 November 2015

Frogmouths 4

The Pied Currawongs were being more than usually obnoxious today and were pestering Dad Tawny Frogmouth and the chicks.  This got so persistent that Mum flew from her nearby roost and joined the other three on the nest.
Dad is at the back with an obscured chick behind him, then a fully visible chick, then Mum.  Note the tawny colouring on the top of her wings.

This is only the second time I have seen both adults on the nest.

The Currawongs are really getting to be a real pest.


Judith Gray said...

Great Photo and sighting. I have watched them change positions and both stay on the nest for a short period of time during change-over, but never regularly together. I guess that's why she stays close by the nest for parental emergencies.

Flabmeister said...

Thanks Judith. I have seen them both on the nest at night, ramming food into the hungry little mouths, but they are only there in daytime in an emergency. I ma hopeful the chicks fledge tonight and remove themselves from the Currawongs purview.

How are your lot going? I was unsure from the last photo if it was 3 chicks and both adults or 4 chicks and Dad.


sue catmint said...

Currawongs may be obnoxious, Little Wattlebirds even worse. They're really bossy, and try to chase other birds away from the garden. They're not a flock, more like a gang!