Friday, 27 November 2015

Not quite Captain Beaky

Those with decent memories - taking mine as a benchmark, that isn't a high qualification - may remember the song about Captain Beaky and his Band.  This featured a reptile called Hissing Sid.  Yesterday afternoon we had a visit from his relative "Slithering Sid".  Or to be slightly fashionable, Slytherin' Sid (although our reptile was not leg-challenged).

We became aware of our visitor on hearing a slithery noise coming from the garage.  On investigating the noise was coming from an empty beer carton.
It had got in quite happily but seemed unable, or unwilling to get out.  However even when I carried the box outside and placed it horizontally the Eastern Blue-tongue Lizard seemed reluctant to emerge.
 Eventually it was tipped out and ...
 ..slythered (sic) away to hide behind our gas bottles.

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