Friday, 21 August 2015

Sundry Seasonal Sightings: Sprinter 2015

The month of August is still officially Winter but things are definitely getting into Spring mode so I am declaring the second half thereof as Sprinter!

We have had at least one Swamp Wallaby (Wallabia bicolor) around the property ever since we have been here.  At present we have at least three and one of those should, judging by the shape of its abdomen, be counted as at least one and a half!  I haven't been able to grab a snap of the distension but another one of the mob paused for a pose.
 I am mystified how the taxonomists can only count two colours in animals like that.  Perhaps their colour vision is on the fritz?  My Irfanview software counts 36709 unique colours in the image!

I went for a walk to my site for Cyanicula caerulens (Blue Finger orchids) but there was nothing happening there.  On the way up to the site I noticed several more occurrences of Acacia gunnii.
To my mind the leaves at the base of the pedicel look a bit soft and strange but the others appear more typical.

Nearby I spotted my first example of Hovea heterophylla for the year.
This caused me to think about the masses of Hardenbergia violacea which used to be found on the block.  So far this year I haven't come across a single flower, which is a tad puzzling since we have had good rains this Winter.

Here are the Tawny Frogmouths which, if I am correct, started building their nest last night.  This is right on time.
The warmer weather also suggests that insect time is coming.  In the evening of 21 August two largish insects appeared on the lounge window.  I think they were Icheumenon Wasps.

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