Sunday, 2 August 2015

July weather ... is made glorious Summer (not)

I started off my bird report for July by adapting the opening of the soliloquy of the late, and recently re-interred, Richard III as scribed by The Bard.  As the weather has not exactly got better since then I thought I would also adapt the next line for this post.  Lets see just how crappy it was.


This should be 'precipitation' as a fair bit of the fall on the 12th was ....
... snow rather than rain!  Leaving that definitional issue to one side we scored close to 3 times the fall of July 2014 and 50% more than the 8 year average.
There were 3 significant events, each of which caused dampness on more than one day.  The BoM predictions of an El Nino event did cut themselves some slack by commenting on a wet Winter first.


Let us begin with the usual Chart:
These data confirm it was unhot.  On 16 days the maximum was below 10oC and on 25 the minimum was frost (ie below 2oC) with 17 below 0oC.

Both the average maximum 9.7oC and minimum -0.9oC were a tad lower than last year.  Here are the averages according to the data I have.
The averages show that minimum temperatures bottom out in August while the maxima do so in July: perhaps this is why August feels a little better?


The month was slightly moister than June.  Only one day recorded a relative humidity below 50% at 15:00hrs (3pm for the traditionalists, or saa tisa for the Kiswahili speakers), and that was an underwhelming 47%!  This all seems to be quite normal as shown by the averages


As usual the windiness was very variable from day to day.
The windiness indicator (average of gusts each 30 minutes through the month) was again a little lower than usual, but well up on the value for June.  This is an interesting contrast with the very windy weather that established itself on the Coast (all of it) of NSW!

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