Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Snow and Stella arrive in Carwoola

The weather forecast for today was not good, involving low temperatures, precipitation and wind.  So the ANPS WW was abandoned - not least because the location proposed was pretty exposed.

The light rain started about 11am.  By 12:30 that had changed to snow, which wasn't settling as the ground was still warm and the air temperature was still about 3oC.  By 13:15 the temperature had dropped to 0.9oC - in the middle of the day, get real! - and the snow was getting a bit serious.
 It was settling nicely!
The Stella referred to in the title is a friend's Corgi who has come to stay for a few days.  She and Tammy seem to be getting on well, with a little frivolity ...
 .. and periods of relaxation.
An astute observer will note both the well stacked fire and the mild sedative on the hearth!

I won't put up a squilllion posts about the dogs but this shows one of the positions adopted while I am working on my computer.
Both dogs are very aware that the forces of evil (macropods) need to be warned off.  Here they are on sentry duty as a Swampie advances across the lawn.
Things got a bit noisy shortly after this photo was taken!


Jeni at Northern Rivers Dreaming said...

I remember getting caught by that same strange middle of the day temperature drop / arrival of snow, about ten years ago, when we still lived in Canberra.

Flabmeister said...

At least I was home for this lot, unlike the fall we met after aborting our planned trip up your way!