Wednesday, 12 August 2015

London Bridge (Homestead) isn't falling down

Following a post to the COG Chatline (and having wielded the chainsaw and the spade as required around our block) I took myself off to Googong Dam South to spot Hooded Robins.

The specific site was said to be the homestead, rather than the more frequently visited natural arch.
As is often the case, when a wombat is out and about in the daylight this poor old marsupial has got a dose of mange.
Mum and Joey posed nicely in front of the rocks o the arch as I went by.
There were not many birds around.  After about a kilometre of walking the only really interesting one I had seen was a Speckled Warbler, high in a eucalypt.

Some of the remnant trees in the area were very impressive.

Quite a few of those around the area had yellow X's painted on them, suggesting they were going to be bonsaied sometime soon.  The area is "managed"  by the ACT Government so presumably some otherwise unemployable lawyer has declared the trees, growing in a nature park to be a risk of some sort.

This nice footbridge made crossing the creek a lot more pleasant.  Indeed, the water was about 50cm deep so I wouldn't have crossed otherwise.
For once the managers have done something sensible!  I am shocked that there aren't handrails on the bridge, lifebelts hanging off the posts and lots of notices warning about the risk of falling!

Once at the Homestead the interesting birds queued up.  The first species  front were a pair of Southern Whiteface, which were dancing around each other and singing loudly.  I recorded that as a breeding record.
See the Diamonds! see the Firetail!  See the fuzzy photo!
As I took this photo of a female Hooded Robin through a chain link fence I was quite surprised that it came out so well.
Here is the homestead.  Its surrounded by a 2m high fence which is probably a fair assessment of the risk of vandalism out here.
Getting back to the car it was getting close to evening so the roos were out in force.  They hadn't quite grazed the area  to bedrock, jut down t the subsoil!

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