Monday, 6 April 2015

Seen at Kelly's Swamp

Today we thought we'd go for a bike ride on various parts of Lake Burley Griffin.  As we left home there was some discussion of a back-up plan if the promised rain appeared.  Several options were apparent, of which turning round and heading back to the car was the most basic.  In the event when we got to the parking lot at Kelly's Swamp it was raining quite well, and the BoM radar suggested some serious precipitation was likely.

So we said "sod it,lets go and sit in some bird hides for a wee while".  As we headed off a passing birder offered to show us a Southern Boobook (the small, but reasonably common, local Owl).  His offer was quickly accepted and Bird of the Day was collected.
On getting to the hides it was definitely raining outside
Proving that trains enthusiasts can outperform the RFS at generating smoke and steam, here is a tourist trip from Kingston to Queanbeyan getting under way.
I just include this image as it is a good one of a Purple Swamphen.  We debated the name of the red feature above the bill: looking at books it seems to be referred to as a 'shield'.
 The next few images were taken a couple of days ago when we called in on the way home from Civic.  This is a Great Egret.
 A Yellow-billed Spoonbill earned points for being close ....
 .. but lost them by never staying still.
 This clip of its head is quite interesting however.

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