Saturday, 25 April 2015

All quiet on the Carwoola front

I realise that I haven't posted for four days - an unusually long break for me.  The reason for this is simple, that there hasn't been much to post about.

Much of this comes down to the weather which has been cloudy and often with strong wind.  This does not make it pleasant to be outside so I have been staying indoors a fair bit, mainly finalising an article for Canberra Bird Notes (of which you'll see more when it is published).

The birds themselves have largely followed my example.  It has been a bit of a struggle to find bird of the day on occasion:

  • on Thursday I used House Sparrow (not that common in Canberra these days but I saw one hopping around the car park at Fyshwick Markets);
  • Friday was looking like Common Myna but a flock of migrating honeyeaters contained some White-naped Honeyeaters which are quite uncommon here. 

Plants have definitely adopted Winter mode, and all that is flowering on our block is Melichrus urceolatus (urn heath).   A very pleasant plant - and apparently providing food for the migrating honeyeaters - but I have taken many images of it in he past.  The ANPS Wednesday Walks have been affected by the weather so again no source of inspiration there.

While we have a few fungi on our lawn that seems to be about the only place they are generating fruiting bodies at present.  We picked 4 small Field Mushrooms in the top paddock yeserday morning but that was all.  I presume the dryness of March caused the mycelia to shut down.

My other usual topics of choice are:

  • Politics - unfortunately no change there, except the Monk has gone to Gallipolli to show his respect for the ANZACs.  Unfortunately, he will be returning. (As a footnote on that, today being the 100th anniversary I have found the media hysteria over the event extremely annoying.  A great feeding frenzy with a sincerity rating of zero.)
  • Beer: after a very pleasant trot through IPA I felt I should revert to the cheap and low alcohol stuff from ALDI for a while.

Oh well, lets see what the future holds.

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