Friday, 17 April 2015

April invertebrates

As the weather cools down the number and range of invertebrates around the ranch are decreasing.  The Giant Willow Aphids have vanished from the willows by Whiskers Creek, and there hasn't been a swarm anywhere that I can see since 2nd April.

However I have got a few images that I thought worth dropping into a post.

This moth (Phalaenoides glycinae) was investigating Dahlias rather than grape vines.
 I am pretty sure this is a caterpillar of a Tiger Moth (family Arctiidae).

 A late season Potter wasp (family Vespidae) taking a tour of the boot of our VW.
From the 17th onwards the weather has been cool and humid/rainy.  These are the conditions in which Swift Moths (Oxycanus dirempta) can be expected on the windows in the evenings.  Only one has volunteered thus far.
The next image caused me to change the title of the post from insects to invertebrates.  There is a hint in that statement that arachnophobes may wish to close the post now!  

I will take a guess that this is a close-up of a Bark Huntsman spider (Pediona sp) as I found it hiding under a pallet in Frances potting shed.

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