Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Check before you chuck

On 7 April I seized the moment between rain periods (we totaled 43mm for the day) to do some digging in the garden.  Frances came to see me bearing, not gifts but an old potting soil bag,  She said there was a frog in there which she thought, correctly, I'd like to see and possibly photograph.

As my hands were covered with dirt from pulling out weeds I didn't want to handle the camera but opened up the bag while Frances did the photography.  There was Uncle Frog.
Instead of hanging around for a better image the frog dived down into the garbage in the bottom of the bag.  On pulling out the crud I discovered that there was also a couple of small, hyperactive skinks in there.  It wasn't possible to snap any of them in the bag but after tipping them out on to the ground a nice shot of the frog was obtained.
Closing in on its front end the large toe pads of a tree-frog are visible. I think it is also possible to see the cross-shaped pupil that signifies Peron's Tree-frog.
So the message is to always check the garbage: you might be surprised by what is in there.

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