Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Steg comes to Carwoola in top gear

Now any rev-heads who have ended up here while looking for he of the white Nomex will realise that  theyhave followed a typo and  there is an 'e" in the abbreviation for Stegostyla ustulata.  

The catalyst for this post was finding the first plant of this species for 2014 this morning.

If you don't agree that that flower is some top gear,, I have great sympathy for you!

Nearby I found some flowering Drosera peltata, in a surprisingly dry site for that species.
In a sheltered spot this Viola betonicifolia was flowering prettily.
My reason for being in this part of the block was doing my daily count of the flowers of  Glossodia major in a study site.  The count today was 158 flowers in an area of about 33 square metres: a special post about this study will come later.  Here is one patch of the flowers amidst the (boo, hiss)  Kunzea ericoides.


Denis Wilson said...

I was with Alan at Nowra yesterday, and we bemoaned the poor showing of the Glossodias this year. The rain in mid August seems have come too late for them (this year).
Good to know yours are doing well, Martin.

Flabmeister said...

Thanks Denis. Our rain has been ungood this year - about one moderate fall per month since April (with a bit better in June). At times I come close to giving up trying to speculate on why plants do (or don't do) things!