Monday, 29 September 2014

A trip to the top paddock

This was not to check if there were any Kangaroos loose up there.  I can find them down here .  It was to collect some rock from a creek bed and incidentally to photograph some lilies.

I will begin with the lilies.  The first is a carpet of Early Nancies (which must be getting close to being Late Nancies as they have been out in swathes for about a month).  That must come close to defining a carpet of flowers.
Still emerging are the Bulbine Lilies (Bulbine bulbosa).  If not yet a carpet they must rate as at least a doormat!
Here is a close up of a head of buds.
 And one which has opened!
So why do I need rock?  The answer is for a bit of maintenance on a drain which is doing an excellent job of leading water away from our vegetable garden..  When the rain is heavy it is tending to erode the walls and floor of the drain and I am hoping that a bit of rock in the bottom will solve that problem.
Here is the source of the rock.
 Here it is in situ novo.
All we need now is some rain to test it!

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