Monday, 1 September 2014

Acacia day!

Finally, the first day of Spring is here so I can offer a collection of Acacia-oriented images!

The early images here come from the direct seeding done by Greening Australia in 2007.  Thus they are all 'good' local species rather than escapees from cultivation (or parrot droppings).  As they are all ball shaped flowers rather than spikes I have tried ot include at least a bit of leaf as an ID guide.

Acacia buxifolia
Acacia rubida
Acacia dealbata
Acacia mearnsii 
 A. dealbata above A. rubida
A very small beetle - perhaps 5mm long - foraging on a stem.  There were many honeybees and hoverflies also around, but they were not obliging in the matter of posing.
Here is an escapee, which is making an obvious presence in Carwoola: Acacia boormanii.
I'll conclude with a very exotic bush, photographed in Tanzania, which used to be called acacia.
While our wattles may lose a thorn-length challenge they have won the name-game as they are still called Acacia while the African species have changed their name!


Riaan said...

Ah, I am of the opinion that the true Acacia's lost this round ;(

Looks like they have not yet decided on a name for the african species - perhaps we should call those wattles now.

Flabmeister said...

With the number of vowels in your name I am unsurprised at your opinion (and could take a punt at which Rugby/cricket team you support)!

My understanding is that the deciding factor was Australia having the Wattle as our national flower. So we will blame the Kenyans (and possibly my friends in Tanzania) for not having logged the iconic trees of the plains of East Africa as their National flowers.