Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Signs of vernality at Carwoola

I posted a few days ago about the first sighting of a Cyanicula caerulea on our block at Carwoola.  Since then I have kept an eye on the colony and have counted the number of flowers visible each day.  We are up to 43 in the main colony and at least 7 in another group about 20m away.

When I went to count them today I was surprised and pleased to also find a Petalochilus fuscatus (Dusky Fingers) in the main colony.  This image gives a size comparison between the two species.
 Here is the Dusky Fingers:
 A close up of the labellum and column.  It reminds me greatly of Raspberry Ripple ice cream!
On the way back to the house the small dog displayed great interest in this pile of rocks, commencing from about 10m away.
 Going over to see what the interest was she focused on  gap in the top of the pile.
To my surprise there was a Bearded Dragon in there!  I am sure that Tammy had smelt it from several metres away. On getting my camera and peering in the front of the pile I found an inflated reptile.
When I moved the camera closer it lunged at me.  My first thought was that this was not a great survival tactic.  My second thought was to wonder if there was some Fox terrier DNA in the species genome.

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