Tuesday, 2 September 2014

August weather report


The start of the month was fairly dry with only fogs recording 0.2mm per day.  However in the second half of the month we scored 5 days with >0.2mm, totaling up to 38mm.  As shown in the chart which follows that is more than August 2013, but less than the 7 year average.
Whiskers Creek continued to run through the period, so the very soggy June must have topped up the water table rather nicely.


The most extreme issue in the month's temperatures was the very cold spell (in terms of minimum temperature) in the first week.  As indicated by the blue bar (showing the temperature at 23:30 was lower than that at 00:30) for 1 August the temperature dropped on that day and stayed down.  ABC News commented that this was the longest spell with minima this low for many years.  (Interestingly, the Canberra Airport numbers were a bit lower than we achieved here, which is unusual.

The three days with very little variation and high minima were very rainy.

The second half of the month had noticeably warmer minima, with maxima approaching "reasonable"!


As has been the case throughout the cooler months the 17:00 rH has been well above the 'reasonable Summer value" of 40%.  However for the first half of the month the % was lower than in July.  There were peaks in the two rainy periods (not a surprise).


August began where July finished off, with a very windy day.  From then on August was surprisingly calm.  this shown better by a chart covering the to months as one series.

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