Monday, 24 February 2014

Wading Waddling and Waddelling

As alert readers will note the weather has got a bit better (ie damper) recently.  Apart from getting everywhere a little bit greener (surprisingly quickly) it has put some water back in the birrs Mecca of Kelly's Swamp.
When I was growing up my Dad used to describe someone, or something, of the dwarfish persuasion - or as the politically correct would say "vertically challenged" - as being 'knee-high to a grasshopper".  I suspect the water here was the next stage up, "web-high on a swan".
That has dealt with the wading.  Moving on a little, today (23 February) was free of rain but very hazy and smoke-smelling at 0720 when I arrived at Stromlo Forest Park as organiser of the ACT Veterans Monthly Handicap.
The Handicaps are always, when I am participating rather than administering, an exercise in waddling.  Part of them is also a Waddelling exercise as the course for walkers is named in honour of a former member of the club, Peter Waddell.

This next image could be titled "How many Vets does it take to put up a tent?".  In this case the answer seems to be 6!
One of the great things about the club is the number of people who just turn up at events and do "things" that need doing.  I particularly appreciate this as a once-a-year organiser because I know that so much of the job is "just done" by others.

Here is the mob around at the start.  The billiard table smoothness and width of the track here is a tad unusual so the starts were spread out a fair bit more than usual.
Everything is luxurious, with flushing dunnies rather than terrified trees for bathroom duty.
It is a great area for spectators as the turn after 2km is visible from the start area.  Yesterday it was also scenic, with the athletes reflected in the waters of the dam used for irrigating the grass,
The event contributed to my bird-a-day project with the resident White-fronted Chats turning up as hoped.
Ducks were also evident on the dam.
As I came back through Queanbeyan I was quite taken with these dogs on the back of a ute.  I presume this meant the pigs had a bad night somewhere around the area.
In case any overseas readers have been wondering what a swag means, wonder no more but look at the pink and green items rolled up on the tray of the ute.

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