Sunday, 2 February 2014

Garden and pot flowers of February 2014

Despite the appalling weather and the grazing pressure from the locals, we are still getting a few interesting flowers around the block.

Before getting to photos of flowers I will comment that on taking the small dog out for a pit stop at about 1:00am on 1 February our lawn was decorated by 4 Eastern Grey Kangaroos; 2 Rabbits and 1 Common Wombat.  In the afternoon of that day it appeared that the order Aves were contributing to natural lawn mowing, with Australian Wood Ducks at point.

Here's Mum ...
 ... and Dad.
Now we get to plants with the hit-rate improving Naked Ladies!  A form of lily which grows without any obvious leaves, which is explained in a wikipedia article.
 The article also states "Strong winds shake loose the seeds, which fall to ground and immediately start to germinate, aided by the first winter rains."  I do hope we get some rain before Winter!

A friend gave us some Tiger Lilies which have brightened up both the garden and the house since some miscreant macropod or lagomorph snapped off a stem!

We did have Pineapple Lilies planted in the garden but they did zip.  Now they are in pots and brightening up the steps into the house!

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