Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The bark is not worse than the poop

An alert reader will have noticed several posts indicating it has been a bit hot and dry around Carwoola recently.  This is beginning to manifest itself in leaves and bark coming off the smoother barked eucalypts on the property.  Here are some on on our lawn (from Eucalyptus meliodora.)
 We don't mind a bit of bark, but there was other stuff mixed up with it.
That sample is Eastern Grey Kangaroo (Macropus giganteus).  As itwas making the lawn a bit hard to walk on in a sanitary fashion I had taken the hand mower to the lawn earlier in the day and removed three catcher fulls of good compostable material.  The cleanliness will last until nightfall when the crappy crew (together with rabbits, wombat and Swampie) will doubtless reappear.

Towards the Creek the E. mannifera are dropping plates of bark.
Further up the block the E mannifera is also shedding ...
... to show a colourful trunk.
Back at the Creek the E. polyanthemos are even more prolific in the amount of material they are shedding.
 It does make the exposed trunk appealing.
 The mixture of the peeling bark and bare trunk is also good.
Of course the E macrorhyncha just ignore all this flamboyance and stay stringy.
After emphasising bark for a while I had a serendipitous vue de merde today. I took a photo of a Brown Falcon, largely because it perched so I could.
Check the zone immediately behind the leg feathers! 

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