Saturday, 1 February 2014

January 2014 updates

Mainly a summary of posts that have been updated for various reasons during the month.   However, I'll start with an interesting incident that wasn't worth its own post.

On the 11th we were walking with Tammy along Widgiewa Rd when a strange yip noise came from the verge.  Suddenly a fox leapt out of the grass on to the road about 10m from us.  It bolted back through the fence, as did a second fox.  The third canid present was keen to give them a good talking to about the meaning of the second word in Fox Terrier.  Fortunately her lead and collar both held.

This blog

I have added a label of 'bushfires' since I seem to comment on these quite often,  I've gone back through past posts and added it where relevant.

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  • The 4-part Annual Report for 2013 on Carwoola Birds starts here 

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