Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Of flowers and insects (mainly)

Most of the images in this post will be of insects and flowers.  Although the weather here today was not very summery, the buzz from all the bees on the flowers of our huge Yellow Box (Eucalyptus meliodora) suggested that they were making honey while the sun doesn't shine.
Another flowering eucalypt on the property is some Eucalyptus viminalis. planted as a shelter belt when a right of way went past the house.  Some beetles were ensconced there this morning.
Others were finding the leaves more comfortable.
Meanwhile over on the Bursaria the Flower Scarabs were busy: initially I thought they were emulating the last couple, but I now believe they were merely dining close together.
It was interesting that today I found several Flower Scarabs but no Fiddle Beetles.  Last week it was the opposite.  Also on the Bursaria was this very hairy specimen.
I have occasionally turned over a few rocks to find out what is under them.  Today I found 1 large scorpion and this very spiffy beetle with a very fine waist.
Moving into the garden area I was quite taken with this grasshopper hanging out in a Dahlia flower.
a beetle with obvious palps on a daisy flower ...
and this spider hanging out in mid-air.
Despite all this invertebrate action I was able to get quite a good haul of vegetables from that part of the property.

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