Friday, 17 February 2012

Be careful whatyou ask for ....

... you may get it!

When concluding my report on the COG outing to Mt Majura on 15 February I concluded with "but a bit of rain wouldn't hurt."

Nothing too much (8mm) happened that afternoon and we got no rain on the 16th.   By the afternoon of the 17th there was an awful lot of rumbling going on but nothing much had happened until about 5pm.  Then the heavens opened.
Within the next 40 minutes or thereabouts we scored 30mm of rain.  Our drive didn't like this too much.
The culvert gave up pretty well.
 I'm sure there is a 1m diameter pipe under there somewhere ...
.. because it is still happening at this end!
 On it goes to the Molonglo!
 After a few more minutes, getting the day's total up to 38mm (and as I type this some hours later at 9:22 rumbling is still going at) we got a nice rainbow ...
 ... or two!
On the subject of the 9:22 rumblings here is the radar image a couple of minutes later!
Oh, bugger!

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