Sunday, 26 February 2012

A couple of Lifestyle (barf, barf) topics

This is a bit off the usual topics covered in this blog but man doesn't live by nature study alone, so please bear with me!

As part of my Christmas presents from our daughter I was given a  2 month subscription to the Quickflix service.  In essence one selects movies over the 'net and they ship DVDs out to you.  We had been to the movies about twice in the last 20 years so this seemed a bit strange but we have now watched about 15 movies in 7 weeks.
Before getting to a few comments about some of the films I will deal out a large bouquet to Quickflix.  I suspect that we - living a little remote from postal; services - could probably get 2- 3 films a week (perhaps 10 per month) which for 2 viewers at $23 a month works out to about $1 per seat.  One of the discs they sent was buggered which I reported on line and within 2 minutes had a return email saying another copy was on the way which I see as very good service.

Review time
I wont go through all the films but will say the best we have seen thus far was Winters Bone.  Set in the Ozarks and a rather dark tale it was totally engrossing, and had good music. 5 Stars.

The Coen Brothers take on True Grit was possibly better than the original, which is a very big call. 5 Stars.

Hero: a Chinese martial arts film starring Jet Li and Maggie Cheung.  Visually stunning, the martial arts brilliant and the plot very complex.  At least 4.5 stars!

Detective Dee and the Phantom Flame - a Chinese made martial arts epic full of fly by wire stunts and the usual exciting business. It was visually astonishing and a good yarn.  4.5 stars

The Dark Knight - a Batman film - was very good.  I felt it missed a bit of the grittiness of the previous film (Batman Begins) but was extremely well done.  Heath Ledger earned his wraps for the Joker. 4 stars

13 Assassins was a Japanese martial arts movie in the style of Kurosawa - a mixture of the 7 Samurai and Ran.  The film goes for about 2 hours and the final battle goes for the last hour!  I suspect there was a world wide shortage of fake blood after they finished this.  4 stars

There is always a dog of the Week.  In this vase it was the nauseous Black Swan.  Full of emoting characters from central casting doing their worst on a script written in 5th grade.  I lasted 30 minutes. NO stars

Running progress
I a recentish post I commented that I was setting myself to run the Melbourne marathon in October this year.  That is still the aim.  I have got myself up to running 15 km a few times and am trying to do at least one run of 12km or longer per week.

Today was a Veterans handicap race of 6.3 km with a nasty course profile of 2km uphill, 2km downhill and 2.3km on the flat.  I did the course ~2minutes faster than last year averaging just under 5:30 per kilometre.  It is close to 3 years since I was able to run that fast.

It is probably not a coincidence that I have dropped my weight by about 5kgs since starting on this course of action!

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Good luck with the run, Martin!