Wednesday, 1 February 2012

January updates

I am intending to use these 'update' posts to flag major updates to the Birds of Carwoola blog as well as "The House of Fran_mart".
  • I have added 4 posts to Carwoola Birds reviewing our activities over 2011, including some comparisons with 2010 and previous years.
  • Several extra images have been added to the Red Hot Pokers post.
  • Comments have been added to the "Rudely named Fungus" post reflecting the fungus popping up again here; in the Canberra urban area; and in a grassland South of Braidwood.
  • The post about Casuarinas is now active in debate in the Bahamas as well as Australia! 
  • Much better night shot added to the scale insect post
  • The friarbirds have fledged and were photographed doing so.
  • WRT to the post about koels there have been two recent reports to the COG Chatline about dependent young Koels.  Both have recorded Red Wattlebirds as hosts.
  • The soldier beetles suddenly vanished on 31 January.

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