Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Wildlife (various, mainly invertebrate)

This will be a collection of various wildlife things that have occurred over the month.

It starts with a couple of lepidopterous entries. This is mainly because I haven't done much on them before as they are hard to photograph. (A friend, who was a professional entomologist, suggested it is easier to get them on a cold day. After spending some frustrating time trying to snap some, I thought it might be easier after they'd had an encounter with Mortein!)

This moth was hanging out on a piece of polypipe leading from our gutters to the catch tank. I thought it an interesting example of protective coloration.

The butterfly to the left was imaged on Chalet Rd up in the Brindabellas. It is clearly a Brown and I concluded from reading of behaviour that a Banks' Brown was most likely (although the Common Brown has a meaningful name). If anyone has a different view a comment would be welcome.

Clearly this is a reptile not a butterfly. It is a skink , Pseudemoia spenceri, captured by a conservationist friend, again on Chalet Rd. Such a little beauty is worth a bit of space on this page. Possibly a bit harsh for the identifier to add "....even though it is a poor image to go on ...."

The following are all spiders. The first one I have no idea of its name but the other two are golden orbs.

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