When conversing last Thursday with the pest control guy about piggy matters he commented that when he'd been cruising Taliesin (the huge station/ranch behind our place) searching for the feral grunters he had seen a whole lotta roos. So it wasn't a total surprise to find a few of them (about 40 or 50 ) on El Rancho on Saturday morning when we did our patrol.

Here are a few images.
I'll start with a panorama showing a few of them going about their business. Note the total absence of panic despite Tammy-the-rat's presence about 40 metres from them.

This is a close-up cropped from the above. We always rate joeys as unbelievably cute.

These two, some distance away from the mob above, just looked really nice standing together. Again notice the absence of hysteria induced by the dog: while she is small she is very fox shaped!


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