Who you might run into!

I found myself riding my bicycle around Queanbeyan on 10 February. Specifically I turned onto the sidewalk (sorry about the American English, but it does seem better than the Pom 'pavement') on Crawford Street passing the Council Chambers.

The area was littered with folk in black suits, wearing white shirts and ties. This is not the usual attire of folk in beautiful downtown Queanbeyan: shorts, t-shirts and workboots are more the go. My first thought was that it was an undertakers' convention, but I continued on to the library where I had reserved a couple of books for our trip to Peru.

On emerging from the library I noticed that a couple of representatives of NSW' finest (aka 'the filth') were lurking on the far side of Crawford St. This pricked my curiosity so I asked a pleasant looking lady (also wearing black) what was occurring. Apparently it was a Regional Meeting of the State Cabinet. Amongst those I had ridden through was the Premier!

It possibly says something about my attention to local issues, and certainly says something about the public relations activities of the NSW Government that I didn't recognise one of these characters! However, it is good to find that in Australia one can get this close to the power brokers: in the US one would not have got so close to Dubya (although Hizzoner Bloomberg was more confident of his constituency, and Guvnor Arnie would probably not be fazed by someone - other than a cyborg - on a bike).


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