Saturday, 28 February 2009

Cleaning up (part of) Captain's Flat Road

So I have cleaned up this site for the 3rd consecutive year. This time I got approxmiate;y 3.5 bags of stuff, about .5 of a bag less than last year.

My estimate of the composition by weight was about 60% recyclable and 40% not. The biggest single class of crud (by weight) was empty beer bottles (mainly stubbies): when is the pathetic NSW Government going to start charging deposits on these? Needless to say McDonalds wrappers and Coca-cola bottles featured extensively in th collection.

The most noticeable decrease in crud was cigarette packets: probably means the smokers are croaking. The most most notable increase was about 15 cans of 'energy drinks' particularly a brand called 'Mothers' which I had never seen before. In the street jive use of the term, an appropriate name.

As a point of philosophy I reckon most of the recyclable crud (bottles wrappers etc) is deposited by active disassociation (ie people chuck it out of their windows - true tossers). However it seemed that most of the non-recyclable stuff was crud that had fallen off things due to unsecured loads (I rate this as passive disassociation).

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