Friday, 13 February 2009

Trees and wires don't mix

The main sort of wires that don't mix with trees are those carrying electricity.

In Canberra the separation is ensured by little inspectors coming round and leaving notes in your mailbox threatening you with penalties if you don't clear the trees from your wires.

In Carwoola what happens is a pleasant guy turns up and has a chat about what needs doing and saying he'll send some lads round to fix it all up. In due the lads turn up with a cherry picker; an indstrial strength chipper; a truck; various chainsaws; and some pink gunge that stops the trees regrowing.
When they leave they are kind enough to leave some nicely sized logs here and there. Also the output of the chipper is deposited at a convenient location for transfer to one's garden.

An issue arose when I started to move this to the desired location. Some parts of the heap were a greyish colour and steaming. On consulting a fire-fighting neighbour he said that spontaneous combustion was a possibility so several barrow loads were expeditiously moved to their final location and the heap spread about a bit to dry it out. My back did not enjoy this process!

The logs are then gathered in and stored for a year or so, at which point they become fuel for the fires of Winter. I am not sure if the following image shows exactly what Fuji Industries had in mind when they designed the Forester but the car trotted around the block and gathered up 3 trailer loads of firewood this morning!

The guys came back a couple of days later and dumped off another 5 cubic metres of mulch, and did some more cutting . That didn't look much, but when I went to pick it up amounted to close to 2 more trailer loads: that means we have enough good quality firewood under cover to last us for the next two Winters!

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