Back to Kellys Swamp

Needing a break from stuffing books into boxes I took myself back to Kelly's swamp this morning.

There were still Australasian Grebe chicks around (although some seem to have vanished).
 One Latham's Snipe was enduring the heat out of the shade.
 Several orange-legged Australasian Shovelers were in various positions around the Swamp.
 Two Royal Spoonbills were sifting through the mud ...
 ..  and their plumage.
 Bird of the day was a Little Egret.  Some other birders expressed surprise at seeing it in a tree.

 After the Little Egret left the tree to into the Typha beds something scared the birds out of the reeds.  This included a Great Egret: this image shows the size of the two species directly.  (Probably click on the image to see the birds better.)
 Alterbnatively compare the size to a Pelican.  Great Egret.
 Little Egret
 A White-faced Heron also turned up.
 And became reflected


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