Sunny Stakes

As seems to always be the case thee days the BBQ Stakes was run on a sunny day.  No sign of the desperately needed rain.

No sign of a parking inspector where one is needed either.
 What really ticks me off is that these lazy sods - the company may be called "Gracious Homes " whereas their behaviousr suggests Obnoxious Homes would be better - could park legally on the other side of the road.  But would mean them having to move their fat glutes 4 extra meters.

Enough with the negative vibrations.  Here is a view looking South.
 One looking North.
 And here is the Eastern Outlook: perhaps there is a cloud in this one but it hasn't brought us any rain yet
 Here is looking to the finish: with the traditional horde passing me
When I started up again I was walking the whole course and taking about 64 minutes.  (Bob Harlow also walks the whole course but does about 20 minutes less than that.)  Today I managed 48:23 on my watch, with Km splits of 7:48; 7:39; 8:33; 8:11; 7:55 and 8:15.  Easy to see how to improve!


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