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Sunday, 1 April 2018

Fuchsias do the business on Easter Sunday

It is sometimes hard to remember that Easter Sunday is a religious celebration of resurrection - there has never been a sequel to Life of Brian.  Surely there must be enough Pythons left to do one?

The matter of resurrection is most appropriate for Frances' Fuchsias as they have had a tough existence for the last two years.  

Their problems began when I didn't wash out a sprayer properly and thus when Frances gave them a shot of pyrethrum (to deal with aphids) they got a small side serve of grazon.  That took care of about 50% of the specimens. 

Then they had a bushfire about 3m away (which didn't seem to cause too much damage to the Fuchsias).  

Where the fire was a problem was that it melted Frances polycarbonate potting shed, which is where we used to put the Fuschsias for frost protection.  So they just had to man-up on the deck last Winter.  That got rid of a few more specimens.

Our estimate is that we have only got about 50% of the varieties we used to have.  But there is still a nice range.  Enjoy the pix!

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