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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

A brief trip around the Plain

A Canberra birder reported yesterday on a trip he and his Mum (thus indicating he's many years younger than myself) took around the Plain.  He saw some good birds so I thought I'd emulate him.

The interesting stuff began almost as soon as I'd got across the Molonglo. My friend had seized the instant after rain (ie the strange stuff that fell at the end of February) and put in some cattle feed.  The cattle haven't made it yet but the Galahs were enjoying themselves.
Getting on to Plains Rd I followed a female Nankeen Kestrel (note chestnut, rather than grey, crown) from hawthorn to hawthorn until it finally posed well.
 A little further down the road a mixed feeding flock was evident.   One of the members was a Robin and on getting a close look the rufous forehead was obviously a female.  The brownish wingbars suggest to me that it ios a young bird.
Other members of the block included a White-plumed Honeyeater (unusual in this habitat), Grey Fantails, Wille Wagtails, Yellow-rumped Thornbills, Common Blackbird and Willie Wagtails.

A little further on a group of Crested Pigeons were taking their ease.
I finally got to look down into Foxlow Lagoon were there were quite a few waterfowl of various varieties, including Black-winged Stilts and Red-necked Avocets.  This image shows none of them but does indicate that the water is very shallow.

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