More Birdbath action

A few days ago I posted about a mixed bathing flock in our birdbath.  Today we had an even more diverse crew turn up.

The most exciting were at least 3 White-naped Honeyeaters.  They are part of the migration out the mountains which happens at this time of year.  I this first image the higher bird, with a red eye-wattle is an adult bird while the lower one with an orange wattle is an immature.
 Two adults.
 Other honeyeaters to visit in this burst were Yellow-faced Honeyeater and Eastern Spinebill.

Several Superb Fairywrens were also present.  I suspect this is a juvenile male.
Other species to front up (in a 5 minute period) were:
Silvereye, including at least one Tasmanian bird);
Striated Thornbill;
Brown Thornbill;
White-browed Scrubwren; and
Red-browed Finch


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