Wildlife drawn

Frances has been going to a wildlife drawing class at the M16 Artspace recently.  Their classes are graced with some live specimens.  This began with a Long-necked tortoise and then progressed to a Diamond Python.  The last two classes have been visited by sugar gliders and small wombats.  Note: in each case - except the python, see below - the stock were brought in by their Wildcare carers so there is no doubt that they were well looked after.

As well as drawing in the class Frances took photographs for later work.  While this is a bit like snapping animals in a zoo it has produced some interesting shots of the various beasties!

Long-necked Tortoise

Its much easier to get a photo of these in a drawing class than when trying to get them off a road!

Diamond Python

This one was a good bit smaller than the wild specimen we saw at Topi topi.  I was not allowed to get close to that one!  The students here got very close to this one, presumably it's known to be docile as it is a fully licensed pet.

Sugar gliders

 On the topic of Sugar Gliders, judging by the calls we have heard there are some visiting our house at present.  Possibly checking out the crab-apple tree.


At this age and size they are very cute.  Perhaps less so when full grown - although I still find them amusing and am happy to see them (more so when I'm not driving)..


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